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EzSearch: Online information portal

With the purpose of pioneering Investor relation (IR) service for public enterprise and becoming the leading financial information providing website in Vietnam, FPTS’s EzSearch is designed to be a unique product with complete archive of information provided by the enterprises to convey to investors. Having effective financial analyzing tools, EzSearch is helpful in supporting enterprises in information disclosure and public companies in IR activities. EzSearch is a complete online information portal with in depth research and information that helps investors in analyzing and considering choices of investments.

With EzSearch, investors can:

Ø   Make use of enterprises’ financial data in different periods to analyze: Quarterly/annual financial statements are archived according to archiving standard, which is comfortable for analyzing. The entire financial ratios of any enterprise at different periods are correctly provided by EzSearch’s automatic analyzing system.

Ø    Get access to information related to competitiveness of enterprises, investment projects, strategic vision, organization structures, human resources...: Important non-financial information of enterprises is published in accordance with the characteristics of each sector to help investors comprehensively assess enterprises.

Ø     The statistics of shares trading over periods and comparison with the entire market’s Index / or by sector: help investors easily choose the period of time to analyse and access to adequate information about results of transactions, the transaction of foreign investors, transactions of major shareholders / internal shareholders.

Ø     Select securities that meet their demands: the design of criteria/selections is detailed and is useful in both simple and complicated searching activities of most of investors.

Ø     Make comparisons between 02 or more securities, comparisons between securities and industries’ average figures based on criteria in certain time periods (quarter and year).

Ø    Build and manage virtual portfolio: EzSearch allows users to easily track details of securities in their virtual portfolios.

Ø    Analyze investments based on sector index: Investors can make use of FPTS’s 18 sector index, which is arranged according to ICB standard and FPTS Composite Index, which shows the variation of the general industry index and represents the stocks on both HOSE and HNX.

By EzSearch, enterprises can perform Investor relations activities

By performing IR activities by EzSearch, enterprises build good relationships with capital market/investors based on complete and deep information clarification and supporting by effective automatic financial analysis tool.

Ø     EzSearch helps enterprises perform IR strategies effectively: Enterprises can consult to provide the most appropriate information (in terms of content, timing, methods of approaching) that investors need when considering investing in enterprises’ stock, along with providing analyzing, search, and comparison tools; and measuring the response of investors to the type of information given by enterprises.

Ø     There are publications, complete archive and no limit in providing information that investors need when considering investing in enterprises: All information that enterprises wish to convey investors is published and archived by EzSearch in a comfortable structure for a long time, with no limit in amount of information and adequate annual/quarterly financial statements, non-financial information, information stock trading, related news and analysis. Based on that, investors can conduct a full analysis and assessment of the situation in the past, present and the enterprises’ potential to make investment decisions.

Ø     Compare and find stocks easily by EzSearch: by EzSearch’s securities comparison/search tool, shares of Enterprise can easily be selected in the portfolio according to the criteria of investors (eg industry, ROE, capital, P / E, EPS, ...) or comparison results between enterprises and sector’s average figures.

Ø     EzSearch helps enterprises receive timely and effective feedback from investors: EzSearch allows investors to send all feedback to enterprise information, provides tools and support enterprises in planning strategies to respond promptly and effectively.

Ø    EzSearch act as investors’ and enterprise managers’ financial analyst and market analyst: By EzSearch, investors/enterprise managers can get online access to financial ratios of enterprises over time, in combination with the comparison between financial indicators of enterprises with the industry’s average figure and with other firms to have timely and efficient analysis/evaluation of the enterprise.

Ø    EzSearch participates in stabilizing prices and improving liquidity of shares: EzSearch helps investors fairly assess the value of shares of the enterprises based on clear and adequate information, thereby attracting more investors to purchase shares of enterprises around their true values, avoids the risk of shares selling-off and acquisition, creates favorable market for issuance and capital raising, help enterprises efficiently perform talents attracting program using preferred shares or issuing bonus shares to employees.

You can see detailed EzSearch Manual

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HNX Index 78.16 -8.24 -9.54% 35,245,711 417.59
FPTS Composite 297.04 +214.33 +259.13%    
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