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Information about the macro economy, business sectors, news, securities market statistics.
Database of listed and non-listed companies
Business sector indicators of 18 sectors, produced under ICB standard.
Securities search tool with filter
Technical chart and technical analysis tool
EZsearch – information portal
EZsearch is a leading, professional, and reputable finance and securities portal in Vietnam. EZsearch provides complete and up-to-date information about listed and non-listed companies, market, business sectors, and the macro economy. Based on provided information and analysis, investors could make accurate and timely investment decisions.

With the assistance of friendly interface, information arrangement, long-term and complete information storage, investors could easily find in depth information about companies, statistics and analysis on business sectors, macroeconomics information, securities market trading statistics and results.

EZsearch assists investors in making investment decisions by providing effective tools: searching tool, compare tool, portfolio management tool, technical analysis charts, in depth researches and analysis published by FPTS’s leading analysts.

By using EZsearch, companies can manage investor relations, publishing and storage of both financial and non financial information.
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